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I want that job where people just wipe the sweat off the idols. The male idols...O.O

I wanna be a stylist noona. I was watching one of JYJ’s documentary DVD things and when Jaejoong went behind curtains to change clothes the stylist noona got to tag along. And the space behind those curtains was thiscramped. LOL

And episode 15 is the episode I start to dislike Sera. I have a feeling she's gonna become one of those bitter and manipulative secondary female leads.

Oh, yes. She will. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping she won’t be as flat out evil as Soo-in.

How far are you with Trot Lovers? I'd really like to bury Soo In and her mother right now.

I’m updated. Just saw episode 14 earlier today. I wanna physically harm that evil mother-daughter tandem.

It’s sad coz I was hoping they’d take Soo-in and make her a more sympathetic character. It would’ve been easy, the sympathy was initially there for her. There was some semblance of a heart behind her strong facade. But no, the writers turned her evil. Pure evil. 

I started watching Roommate again and seeing Bom makes me sad.

I haven’t been watching for the past 3 weeks. I’ll pick it up again eventually, I suppose. But right now, I’m still annoyed by the entire thing.


Woah. Babies. Hahaha.

  • Kiss: I guess, Kai?
  • Hug: Chanyeol
  • Marry: Uhhh, Suho?
  • Live with: Chanyeol
  • Be the little sister/brother to: Chen?
  • Bring on a picnic: Lay
  • Take a romantic walk with: Xiumin
  • Keep as a friend: Luhan
  • Hit a lot: Sehun
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to: Xiumin
  • Do anything for: Chanyeol
I legit SQUEALED out loud when I saw Leeteuk in Eunhyuk's instagram post. And then I kinda just stared at the wall in disbelief that I actually squealed >.<

Our leader is back! Well, almost. And I am beyond excited.

Wait so did Bom decided to leave the show or did she get kicked off? To me it seems like the latter because the article said there wasn't any discussion and they just edit her out. Either way it makes me angry that she's not going to be on the show.

I have no idea what’s going on and it makes me mad.