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I legit SQUEALED out loud when I saw Leeteuk in Eunhyuk's instagram post. And then I kinda just stared at the wall in disbelief that I actually squealed >.<

Our leader is back! Well, almost. And I am beyond excited.

Wait so did Bom decided to leave the show or did she get kicked off? To me it seems like the latter because the article said there wasn't any discussion and they just edit her out. Either way it makes me angry that she's not going to be on the show.

I have no idea what’s going on and it makes me mad.

30, 49, 69

30. If you could switch bodies with ANY kpop idol, who would it be?

Ooooh. It’s a toss up between Sistar’s Bora and After School’s UEE. Back when they weren’t too skinny. Oh!!! Belated thought. I want Lee Hyori’s body too.

49. The funniest MV is?

Hmmm… Gangnam Style? Gentleman? DBSK’s Balloons?

69. Why do you like kpop?

Oh dear. I have no idea. I just really like it. The beats are awesome, the melodies are gorgeous, there’s hip-hop and rap, r&b and soul, pop & edm, a lot of these kids can actually really sing and really dance and it’s fantastic.

Random question but what in k-anything makes you flail? Like actually physically flail around? Cause sometimes when I see a handsome face I really really like, my arms just kinda flail and I probably look nuts >.<

OTP in drama finally getting together.

New music from my favorite groups. 

Watching concerts.

So I just got really excited thinking about how, because of Jonghyun, when they have their house warming party, we might get to see Woobin, and Soohyuk, and Jong Suk and more! O.O

I’m crossing my fingers. But I kind of doubt it? I don’t know if those guys have time. But omg. Yes please.

Apparently Sohee is focusing on acting now. That's what I read a while ago anyway. I didn't even know she acted.

LOL. I read that too. But I haven’t seen her act in anything. Apparently she was in a KBS drama last year. Never heard of the drama though.

I realized after I finished the drama, just how bad The Heirs was. Thank god it had a good cast. I think that was the reason I liked it so much >.<

The main plot of the drama was bad. But the side stories were actually quite good. I loved Chanyoung and Bona. I loved Kim Tan and Youngdo. I loved Eunsang and Youngdo. I loved Kim Won. I loved Youngdo and Rachel. Hyoshin and Kim Tan. Hyoshin and Hyunjoo. Myungsoo in general was awesome. BUT I HATED KIM TAN AND EUNSANG TOGETHER. They, more often than not, made no sense at all.