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Catching up after coming back from vacation is so hard. Took me a month I think. I adored Surplus Princess, and I planned to watch Plus Nine Boys, but got bored about 10 minutes in >.< And then there's the 5 variety shows I'm trying to keep up with. Plus I"m waiting for the next episode of the Youth Over Flowwers (reply cast). I realized the dramas come in waves. I'm either watching way too many at once, or what I feel like is too little, and get bored haha

Just last week I thought I had so little to watch because Discovery of Romance had ended. But then the new crop of shows started creeping up on me and now I’m back to having too many on my plate.

I've started, Blade Man, Tomorrow Cantabile and Modern Farmer too. Put Diary of a Night Watchman and My Lovely Girl on hold. Really not feeling the romance in MLG.

I love My Lovely Girl (aka She’s So Lovable). I can’t help it. I just really like it. It’s not the best drama but I’m a sucker for Rain. Even though I totally ship Sena with Shiwoo. So it’s still on the list for me.

I’ve also downloaded the first couple of episodes of Modern Farmer, Liar Game, and Cantabile Tomorrow but I haven’t started on any of them yet. I’ve been having a tough time getting back on the drama track since coming back from my vacation. :(

I also have High School Love On, Mix & Match, and Youth Over Flowers on my tray. Add that to the usual Running Man and We Got Married… It’s a heavy load. O_O

I still haven’t finished Surplus Princess, nor have I started Plus Nine Boys. Aigoo.

I freaking love the new additions to this family. I don't think I laughed this hard last season. Btw, if you haven't checked out Bad Guys yet, you should. Only one episode and I'm really excited for the rest.

This is the one with Park Hae-jin, right? I was thinking about starting that… I’ll download the first 2 episodes and see if it sticks. Thanks!

Omg I think Jackson and Kang Joon are gonna be really good together as roommates. Going out to eat meat at 4am >.<

LOL. Yep. They’re gonna be so cute. I downloaded the episode but probably won’t get around to watching it until tomorrow.

Yeah he was. And actually, I'd say definitely check it out. The drama is ridiculously cheesey, but it's the kind that of cheesey that's just fun. Let's bond again by getting our nails done to look like claws. Song Jae Rim is worth watching, even with the goofy looking facial hair. I think he looks better without out but still, it's nice to see the pretty ^_^ You'll be scratching your head at the end of the drama though haha.

Hahaha. That’s not a good way to sell it to me, but what the hell. Why not? 

Yeah I don’t dislike his character either, I just find it so strange to fall in love with your gf younger sister. It was strange in Reply 1997 too. I tried googling, too and someone suggested Nail Shop Paris. Kinda true, but there wasn’t much of a presence of 1st and 2nd male lead in that drama.

Yes, the dead girlfriend/sister trope is the weirdest thing. Ugh.

I hear Song Jae-rim was also in that? Nail Shop Paris? It sucked though, right? So it’s not worth checking out? Even just for Jae-rim?

Can I just say that I hope Krystal's character doesn't end up with Rain's character. That's a pairing I like. Are there an drama's where the female lead falls for the second male lead?

I like Rain’s character, I really do. But damn, Shi-woo is really growing on me and he’s at least in the same age range as Se-na. I can already tell it’s gonna hurt so bad when Shi-woo gets his heart broken.

I actually tried googling “second lead syndrome do second leads ever get the girl” to no avail. Looks like the answer is no.

There has been a huge spike in Lee Guk Joo love. I posted a video of her dancing to Hyuna's Red, and one with her dancing with Apink a little more than a week ago and they both had maybe 20+ notes. Both jumped in notes in just a few days. The hyuna one is at 1000+ notes now. I think that's the most notes I've ever gotten on something.

Because Lee Guk Joo is awesome. :DDD

Wait so were the members of ikon chosen already? I thought the new show just started.

Nope, just 3 of them have secured spots in the group. Leader B.I, rapper Bobby, and vocalist Jinhwan. Aside from those 3, the remaining 3 members of Team B, plus the additional 3 new trainees, will have to battle it out for the last 4 spots in the group.