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Yoochun: It was April Fools day and I lied to Xiah. I was with Max. Max and I decided to pull pranks on Xiah. We texted Xiah, that Max was hurt really badly and so contact us. About 2 hours passed and he called me. As soon as I answered he asked me what was going on. He wanted to know what happened and I lied to him. Max acted and I said that Max got into a fight with someone and Max’s leg was injured. And Xiah was furious. He was shouting and wanted to know who the guy was…wanted to know where Max and I was. I told him I was on the way to hospital and he just freaked. I told him later on that it was April Fool’s day joke and he freaked again. He said many meaningful words and we were touched. I texted this to other members and co-workers and even our manager and only Xiah was the only one who called back.