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Yoochun: It was April Fools day and I lied to Xiah. I was with Max. Max and I decided to pull pranks on Xiah. We texted Xiah, that Max was hurt really badly and so contact us. About 2 hours passed and he called me. As soon as I answered he asked me what was going on. He wanted to know what happened and I lied to him. Max acted and I said that Max got into a fight with someone and Max’s leg was injured. And Xiah was furious. He was shouting and wanted to know who the guy was…wanted to know where Max and I was. I told him I was on the way to hospital and he just freaked. I told him later on that it was April Fool’s day joke and he freaked again. He said many meaningful words and we were touched. I texted this to other members and co-workers and even our manager and only Xiah was the only one who called back.

Non-YG K-Pop Starter Kit for Cate

I’ll be skipping all YG artists since you already know all that. I’ll go straight into the group that ties with BigBang at the top of my list.

DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ (and solo stuff) - They’re very pop - but this ranges from dance-y pop to big power ballads (imo their Japanese ballads are usually the best). They’re legends for a reason.

Old School DBSK (2004-2009)



Super Junior - One cannot talk about k-pop without mentioning this super group. 

SHINee - Probably my favorite of the younger generation idol groups, especially when it comes to choreography. And damn their vocals. Lalo na si Jonghyun, halimaw lang ang peg.

Infinite - Another group I really love for their amazing choreography, and even their rappers are awesome singers. Watch how freaking in sync they are.

B.A.P - Hip-hop and R&B centric group. Daehyun’s runs are always the best thing. Also, the m/v for One Shot was partly filmed in Manila (always a plus).

miss A - My second favorite girl group after 2NE1.

Brown-Eyed Girls - Vocally, very little will be able to hold up to these girls.

KARA - Damn catchy, their music. And their dances are always awesome.

Sistar - Sexy girls with amazing vocals.

2PM - Beastly idols; if their dancing doesn’t do it for you, maybe their chocolate abs will.

2AM - Just as awesome as 2PM, except these boys do ballads. All of their voices are to die for. Along with the 6 guys of 2PM (7 if you count Jay Park), they make up a unified group called One Day.

There’s a whole lot more. I left out so many, like MBLAQ and B2ST and CNBLUE and FT ISLAND. And then we have solo artists like BoA and IU and Rain. But trying to put everything on here would take me a couple of days so I’ll leave it like this. Next time nalang yung iba. Haha.