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Several years ago, I had asked my then-boyfriend for some time apart because things were getting complicated by how busy we were with other priorities and we were way too young to be serious anyway. A year or so later, I had already met someone else and we bumped into my ex at a friend’s party. He had the nerve to put on so much dramatics about how we never really broke up and how he was waiting for me and all that classic bullshit. Yet he never once thought to text or call me in a year? And then had the gall to start a fight in front of everyone else at a party? If we never really broke up, he would’ve called at least once or twice during that year to let me know he was still f*cking alive and waiting.

So imagine how I’m feeling right now about Shi-hoon sunbae and his 6-year absence. If you cared enough to come back, you should have cared enough to let her know you were planning on doing so. It’s been 6 years, dude. GTFO.

It’s been a little over two years since we moved into our new house but it wasn’t until several weeks ago that I finally got around to fixing my room. I lived in this room for the past two years without curtains and without cabinets. Save for the single built-in closet, my bed, and a shelf I had bought two years ago, I had nothing. Of course, that meant things were cluttered all over the floor or stuffed under the bed and in my closet.

Things are finally looking better. It’s a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I can see my floor again. Things are where they should be. I just need an extra clothes rack and possibly a shoe rack and I will be able to put more order into this room. And then maybe I can actually work on finding photos for the empty frames.

The rest of the house was designed in a very minimalist, contemporary Asian manner. A lot of white, earth tones, straight lines, and just overall very zen-ish. My room, in keeping up with the motif, is also very contemporary Asian — in the “kawaii” sense of the term. Haha. I can’t help it. Go ahead and try to find the hidden hallyu-related merchandise.