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Sandara Park Twitter Updates

2NE1’s Dara took time off from her busy touring schedule to catch Filipino pop star Sarah Geronimo’s concert in Singapore.

140629 Where am I going?

140629 Ayan na!!!!!!! Pop princess Sarah Geronimo!!! Ang galing!!! Love u sarah and i missed u so much!!! ❤️ 

[Translation: Here we go!!!!!! Pop princess Sarah Geronimo!!! She’s great!!! Love you Sarah and I missed you so much!!!]

140630 Teacher Georcelle!!! Thank u so much for taking care of me!!! I had so much fun with u yesterday at sarah’s concert 

140630 Krungkrung with our teacher Georcelle and one and only!!! Sarah Geronimo!!! naalala ko nung bata pa kami 

[Translation: Krungkrung with our teacher Georcelle and the one and only Sarah Geronimo!!! I still remember when we were still kids]

[ENG SUB] 140514 Dara’s Cut on ‘Aquino and Abunda Tonight’ (by C7213subs)

Gah. This was subbed so bad. I want to re-sub this video but I don’t know how to actually do that… :(

But you know what they say… Higit na mahalaga na ang tunguhing wika ang wikang kinagisnan ng tagapagsalin kaysa sa panimulaang wika. Which roughly translates to: “it’s so much more important for the translator to be fluent in the language [a piece of text] is being translated to than the language it was originally written in.